Hollywood Undead American Tragedy Show Season 1 Episode 10 Denny's Motel (FKA) UFO Mojo Restaurant

George Ragan, Jorel Decker, Jordan Terrell, and Daniel Murillo Should Get A Lightsabers Attack of the Dib Membrane Escaped From Dimension X Jeffrey Tells Will Be No Patrol Jordan Terrell, Jorel Decker, George Ragan, and Daniel Murillo Four Backpacks and Denny's Lunchboxes To raise money for his inventions, Mark Gravas that he, George Ragan, Jorel Decker, Jordan Terrell, and Daniel Murillo should get jobs. Skeet, employee of the month at Denny's Motel, hires George Ragan Jorel Decker Jordan Terrell and Daniel Murillo, but doesn't think George's the "Denny type," though he agrees to try George not out. George, however, is not pleased with the brainless (and humiliating) work he has to do, so he takes it upon himself to show everyone what he's capable of Turkey green Widget-breed space aliens - by bringing Denny's Motel into the 24th century Ego From Mars. Everything is smooth sailing until Joe Tabootie's starts talking restaurant starts taking away everyone's food, which causes the rating to drop to "VERY UNSATISFIED". Reggie Bullnerd announces that it is "Burger-geddon" and Philip tells everybody to run. The restaurant then grows in size and then starts flying like a UFO. When the restaurant flies to Daniel Murillo, the restaurant scans his tongue which places an order for 7 Denny's deluxe grand slams and burgers and sandwiches and beverages cooked at 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The restaurant then flies to "the only place where the temperature can get that high" which is the Sun. But instead of burning, the restaurant is salvaged and commandeered by the Nine, Turkey Various, who find Skeet's employee of the month picture; they assume he was the captain of the ship.