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Da Kurlzz (real name Matthew St. Claire) is one of the 6 current members of Hollywood Undead


Da Kurlzz is the drummer for the band. He doesn't often record vocals for the band, but does do a fair amount of unclean vocals. He was the 4th member to join the band.


  • He picked his stage name because of his prodominant feature of curly hair. During the recording process of American Tragedy, his hair was especially curly. A lot of it was cut off and partially straightened during studio sessions for Notes from the Underground .
  • His birthday is on April Fools Day (1st of April).
  • He made a minor appearence in an episode in The Amanda Show in 2001 (episode 30).
  • As an inside joke between the band, he is usually teased by the Hollywood Undead members and often called gay, especially by Charlie.
  • He sang 'Chapter Four' with Avenged Sevenfold on a tour.
  • He went through a scene phase when he was a teenager.
  • He has a tattoo of his mask on his left arm.
  • On his right arm, is a tattoo that says "LP". He is a fan of Linkin Park and also knows some of the members.
  • He is a part of a group called 'Sunset Rat Pack.' Every member of the group has the name tattooed to them. 
  • He is also a host of the Sunset Rat Pack's radioshow. Two other members of the group, Austin Carlile from the band Of Mice & Men and clothing designer Tal Cooperman from CRSL host it as well.
  • His Twitter account is "MattyKurlzz"
  • His Instagram is "mattykurlzzla"

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Da Kurlzz very rarely records vocals for HU's songs. He does, however, record a lot of backing vocals, most of which are unclean vocals.

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