"Desperate Measures"
Released: November 10, 2009
Recorded: Early to mid 2009
Genre: Rap rock, rapcore, rap metal, hip-hop, alternative rock
Length: 44:52
Label: A&M/Octone
Producer(s): Danny Lohner, Deuce
""Swan Songs B-Sides EP""
""Swan Songs Rarities EP""

Desperate Measures is a live album released by Hollywood Undead on November 10, 2009. The album includes three new songs, three cover songs, a remix of "Everywhere I Go", and six live versions of previously released tracks from a concert in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is also packaged with a 60-minute DVD of live performances. The album debuted at #29 on the Billboard 200, #10 on the Top Rock Albums chart, and #15 on the Top Digital Albums chart. 

Track listingEdit

"Desperate Measures: CD"Edit

Title Length Total length
"Dove and Grenade" 2:54
"Tear it Up" 3:14
"Shout at the Devil" 3:20
"Immigrant Song" 2:40
"Bad Town" 2:44
"El Urgencia" 3:44
"Everywhere I Go (Castle Renholder Remix)]]" 3:30
"Undead (Live)" 4:48
"Sell Your Soul (Live)" 3:23
"California (Live)" 3:20
"Black Dahlia (Live)" 3:55
"Everywhere I Go (Live)" 3:44
"No. 5 (Live)" 3:29

Additional tracksEdit

Title  Length Additional notes
"City (Live)" 3:34 Bonus track in some areas
"Bottle and a Gun (Live)" 4:54 Bonus track in some areas

"Desperate Measures: DVD"Edit

Title  Length
"Intro/Undead" 4:25
"Sell Your Soul" 3:14
"Faking the Folk" 3:14
"Bottle and a Gun" 3:22
"What's in a Name" 3:22
"California" 3:16
"First Time" 3:16
"No Other Place" 3:16
"City" 3:33
"Favorite" 3:33
"Paradise Lost" 3:10
"Black Dahlia" 3:45
"Young" 3:16
"I Think I Just Puked My Soul Out" 3:16
"Everywhere I Go"  3:30
"Lovin' Da Kurlzz" 3:30
"No. 5" 3:05


Hollywood Undead
Additional musicians
  • Production, mixing, and mastering by Danny Lohner, Don Gilmore, Deuce, Kevin Shirley, Ben Grosse, and Jon Kaplan


  • "Tear it Up" was originally recorded for Hollywood Undead featuring unclean vocals from Shady Jeff.
    • It was re-recorded for this album, replacing Jeff's vocals with J-Dog's.
  • "Immigrant Song" is a cover of the Led Zeppelin song of the same name.
  • "Bad Town" is a cover of the Operation Ivy song of the same name.
  • "Shout at the Devil" is a cover of the Motley Crue song of the same name.
  • Taking all of the previous trivia into account, "El Urgencia" and "Dove and Grenade" are the only original song featured on the album.