"Hollywood Undead (album)"
Released: Unreleased; planned for a late 2007 release
Recorded: 2005 - early 2007
Genre: Rap rock, nu metal, rapcore, rap metal, hip-hop
Length: Unknown
Label: MySpace Records
Producer(s): Tha Produca, Griffin Boice
""Swan Songs""

Hollywood Undead is an unreleased album by Hollywood Undead. The members in the band at the time of this album's planned release were Charlie Scene, J-Dog, Tha Produca, Tha Server, Funny Man, Da Kurlzz, and Shady Jeff.

Information Edit

Hollywood Undead was the band's first planned release. In 2007, they were offered a deal to sign onto MySpace Records, with plans for them to become the first release under the label. The band backed down from the offer when they found out that their album would be censored. Due to this, their self-titled album was never released. Most of the recordings on the album were later redone for their album "Swan Songs."


Title  Length Additional notes
"Undead" 4:37
  • Later released onto "Swan Songs"
"Sell Your Soul" 3:16
  • Later released onto "Swan Songs"
"California" 3:17
  • Later released onto "Swan Songs"
"Dead in Ditches" 4:15
  • Never released onto a future album
"No. 5" 3:06
  • Later released onto "Swan Songs"
  • Was intended to be this album's lead single
  •  A music video was made for the song
"City" 3:35
  • Later released onto "Swan Songs"
"Young" 3:17
  • Later released onto "Swan Songs"
"My Black Dahlia" 3:46
  • Later released onto "Swan Songs" under the title "Black Dahlia"
"Tear it Up" 3:18
  • Later released onto "Desperate Measures"
"Los Angeles" 3:20
  • Later released onto "Swan Songs" under the title "No Other Place"
"The Natives" 3:44
"Turn Off the Lights" (featuring Jeffree Star) 3:22
  • Never released onto a future album
  • Was, and still is, the only collaboration the band has made
"Everywhere I Go" 3:35
  • Later released onto "Swan Songs"
"The Diary" 4:38
  • Later released onto "Swan Songs"
"Paradise Lost (His Dark Material)" TBD
  • Later released onto "Swan Songs" under the title "Paradise Lost"


Hollywood Undead


  • The version of "Undead" featured on this album contains extra lines in J-Dog's verse.
    • These lines are: "Because there's nothin' in my life except my dick and what I spit/So my dick is in my hand when I respond to faggots talkin' shit/Speaking of fag/Already rapped with the drag/We killed him, then we stuffed his body in the Cadillac," which reference cross-dressing MySpace celebrity Jeffree Star.
      • Star was featured on a track on this album, "Turn Off the Lights," which was never released onto another album.
  • The songs on later albums featuring Deuce that were not confirmed to be on this album are, as follows:
    • "This Love, This Hate"
    • "Bottle and a Gun"
    • "Pimpin'"
    • "Pain"
    • "Knife Called Lust"
    • "The Loss"
    • "Bitches"
    • "The Kids"
    • "Circles"
    • "Christmas in Hollywood"
    • "Dove and Grenade"
    • "Shout at the Devil"
    • "Immigrant Song"
    • "Bad Town"
    • "El Urgencia"
    • "Scene for Dummies"
    • Any remixes released before "American Tragedy Redux."